Being Single Parent & Being Safe

August 1, 2019

Watched SO many documentaries and read SO many cases on how single moms' boyfriends turned out to be psychopaths or criminals. When I started dating post-divorce, I was paranoid as hell. When you have a kid, you've gotta be. I dug up my date's phone, his laptop- everything (now my husband). My dad even told me that he did a background check. We made sure we knew where he lived, worked, his family etc. We held his personal details, just in case. During his first meet-the-parents session, he literally got interrogated by my dad, my mom, and my big brother. We might sound like over-suspicious psychos ourselves, but it's better to be safe than sorry.


I understand how challenging it is, being a single parent. People think you're super strong and independent when really, you have social and emotional needs just like everyone else. You want to feel wanted and you want to settle. But once you're a parent, the safety of your child (and you yourself) should always come first. I hope single moms everywhere have the same (or more!) amount of support and awareness that I had. Single parents - regardless of the backstory - have gone through a lot and they don't deserve another rollercoaster ride. Watching and reading all these horrible tragedies made me feel very, very grateful that I have my common sense intact and married a normal human being.

Be safe. Anything could happen to anyone.

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