Assalamu'alaikum, positive Wednesday!

1) I am grateful that my car's aircond is functioning perfectly and I don't need to wind down its window... because this haze got me thinking about vehicles without functioning aircond - how will the driver and passengers survive?

2) I am grateful that I have a comfy home for shelter in such hazy weather

3) I am grateful that I am a work-at-home / stay-at-home mom, which means I can stay indoor with Ikhlas whenever the school is closed

4) I am grateful that I got to cook a full dinner for my husband before he flew off (and he ate plates of 'em?)

5) I am grateful that Ikhlas loves the new bicycle we got him as an advance birthday present, and is up for the challenge of learning to cycle without training wheels

6) I am grateful that I've always been an independent girl / daughter / younger sister then, and an independent woman / mom / wife now (I used to take this ability for granted)

7) I am grateful that I finally got Ikhlas's passport renewed after waiting for 8.5 hours (crikey!), but it's all worthy cause Ikhlas's apak will get to bring him jalan-jalan and Ikhlas will be happy

Syukur alhamdulillah ❤️

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