Paying It Forward

Your girl did it.

Today at a national university, she spoke about a congenital disorder, a rare syndrome, in front of an auditorium of medical practitioners and organizations' leaders, doctors and patients, educators and students, general audience as well as her MRKH sisters.

I am not brave. But I come from a tribe of brave women in my family tree. I am not strong. But I am surrounded by strong girls whom I call friends-turned-sisters. There is no way I could gather enough courage and confidence without the mercy of Allah Ta'ala, and without the support of all the women in my life. My job is to take that love, inspiration, and kindness, and pay it forward to others.

So this is me paying it forward. Not because I have it, see- nothing is mine, but because I got it from other people; it's not mine and that's exactly why I should share it with the world.

Still learning, Wani Ardy MRKH Malaysia

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