Something happened today

Something happened today. And it broke me into little pieces.

Of all the years that I've been doing advocacy work for MRKH Syndrome, of all the years that I've been working with various media to create MRKH awareness in Malaysia, this is the first time ever that I feel supremely betrayed and disappointed.

A local media outlet that was supposed to cover on MRKH awareness and campaign, decided to also write about my personal life - THINGS THAT WERE TOTALLY NONEXISTENT.

I did not know the identity of this journalist. I did not say any of the private things she wrote. She did not approach and interview me personally. She did not contact me at all, despite having my name card.

She just came to one of my talks, listened a little bit here and there, typed away and rushed to print. No draft was shown to me for approval before publishing (like many other journalists usually did with me) despite MRKH being a sensitive issue.

While other present journalists contacted me after the talk for further research and content verification, sadly she did not.

This morning I woke up to her piece, furious and upset, that I immediately gathered all professional resources. My manager had to do most of the talking as I was shaking with anger and sadness.

Saya bukan kambing korban. I've always tried my very best to help as many MRKH girls, women, families as I can. I've always protected their names and keep them anonymous. TAPI, janganlah sebab identiti saya seorang saja yang jadi umum, maka kisah peribadi semua wanita MRKH dipalitkan ke nama saya. MRKH adalah isu kesihatan dan kesedaran. MRKH bukan cerita sensasi.

Sama-sama kita beringat: Tiap tulisan ada kesan.

Before I am an MRKH advocate, I am a family woman first. I must honour that. If any bad journalism misrepresents the people who matter in my life, I'm sorry I will have to make someone pay for it, and it's not going to be me because I don't deserve this.


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