Not Your Everyday Girl

HM's headline today made me look feminist af. It's the truth, though. Sorry not sorry. When I started our support group and advocating this rare syndrome, it didn't cross my mind that we'll be approached by- err, kinksters and opportunists. (Maybe because I'm not one myself...?) (Kinksters means kinky people, like- "Uuu, no vagina? Lemme see.") Tapi itulah, dunia ni ada macam-macam jenis orang. Kita sebar kesedaran, mereka nampak kesempatan. Not being able to get pregnant made us perfect partners for one night stand and unsafe sex. Not having period made us perfect wives for intercourse at anytime of the month. Not having a strong sense of security and confidence made us tolerant and very accepting, no matter how awful people might be. Dan tidak memberi zuriat menjadikan kami sempurna untuk suami berkahwin dua, tiga, empat. My, my. Aren't we the girls of your dreams? Lol. Not. Come at my girls and I'll punch you in the face.

#sindrommrkh #mrkhmalaysia #mrkhsyndrome #mrkhawareness

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